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  • Find the most suitable independent school for your child.
  • Use a range of filters to shortlist suitable schools.
  • Request further information including prospectuses.
  • Discover what the school fees are for your selected school(s).
  • Find out if there are ways to make the school fees more affordable.

School adviser is a non-profit making website. It is provided by SFIA Group Limited as an independent school search facility for its clients and the private education sector generally. SFIA have specialised in school fees planning since 1952.

We provide a comprehensive search for independent schools throughout the UK; you may start your search by clicking here.

We have included all schools that we are aware of, but if your know of a school is not listed, please let us know by emailing us at webmaster@schooladviser.co.uk.

Schools can update and maintain their listing by logging on here. Please contact us if you require further help with any updates. We have made it is very easy for schools to maintain their data, and have produced a short guide to assist with this. Download the guide here.

Each school is invited to provide a paragraph or two containing an introductory message to summarise what the school has to offer.

Please send any feedback relating to the site to webmaster@schooladviser.co.uk.